I was born unusually sensitive; this attribute predicted my interest in understanding what it is to be human in all its depth and complexity. Investigating and appreciating the art of being human focuses of my work and lends passion to my life.

I studied psychology, receiving my doctorate in 1976. I have practiced individual psychotherapy since then. This work has taught me that we each have many layers to us, that humans are unbelievably complex, that our early experiences influence us profoundly but do not doom us, that healing is available to us every second, and that reality is grander than we can imagine.

I have learned through experience, starting with my own in-depth inner work. Life challenges those of us who are sensitive and I needed to find resources inside myself to meet my challenges. I learned to meditate. I discovered that truly I am never alone. I move to my deepest center and always I sense my oneness with a larger reality.

Being a client in psychotherapy I learned that I have many parts to me—a Rebellious Teenager, a Driven Worker, a Victim, a Star, and a Caring Parent to my Wounded Child. I learned that I can allow healing of my inner world relationships which allows healing of my outer world relationships. I can affect what happens to me by attending to my own consciousness.

Being a therapist I learned that we are all similar and very different. I have learned to receive others in their uniqueness and to enter their worlds with them. Practicing presence with another heals us both.

Being a human for over six decades has taught me that when I sink to the bottom of the well, eventually, I always climb out. I have learned not to fear disappointment and setbacks but to welcome these challenges as opportunities to realize new strength. Something inside me always pulls me to reach higher levels. Always I do and always I learn more about myself and life.

I have learned that challenge teaches me more than success. Life is for learning and I have been given precisely my next lesson at exactly the right moment. I have learned that I can trust a timing I can’t control. I have learned that control serves to organize but that trust allows growth. I trust a Wisdom greater than my mind’s and I am carried to heights I haven’t imagined.

I have learned to always stay on my own side, especially when I mess up, to always remember that I am worthy, and to remain a student, open and available. I have learned that I am loved unconditionally. I can accept that love or not. And no matter what the past was, I can always choose again.


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