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 Accepting Unconditional Love

Many of us are so busy with the outer trappings of life, we forget the one that we will be with from beginning to end: ourselves. Whether people-pleaser or climber of the ladder of (perceived) success, our focus is usually outer. Reading Ruth Cherry's book, Accepting Unconditional Love is a wonderful way to stop, look, and shift your focus. The second part of the book contains one-line suggestions to coach us along the way to accept the unconditional love we all deserve.

Alicia Leslie

Accepting Unconditional Love is a powerful tool in assisting us to reach deeper - to come up higher in embracing what it means to love unconditionally - giving it as well as receiving it. I have highlighted much of it and highly recommend it as a book discussion for churches and centers.

Rev. Jamie Sanders

Senior Minister - Unity of Pensacola

Ruth Cherry has a knack of making deep psycho-spiritual work accessible and available in a simple, straightforward way. She deftly weaves her personal spiritual experience into universal spiritual principles and practices.

Rev. Greg Barrette

Dr. Ruth Cherry’s vibration-raising new book Accepting Unconditional Love sends us on an introspective journey to a new and vibrant relationship with Source. Part autobiography, part instruction manual, Accepting Unconditional Love gives the reader a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead through building a working relationship with the Divine.

Rev. Joseph M Allen, The First Divine Science Church of Hickory
I read Ruth Cherry's first book, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, with a glowing admiration for how she blended her psychological insights as a therapist with her actual experience as a survivor of multiple sclerosis. Just walking has been a huge challenge and a triumph for her and her real life experience informs her work like nothing else can. Into that mix, she adds her spiritual insights which bring a rare depth. We end up with a rare book of what I would call transformational psychology.

Now, with Accepting Unconditional Love, Dr.Cherry has taken us a large step forward, sharing her insights and practices of unconditional love, insights born of her practices. The result is impressive, as virtually every page sports a startling statement of what authenticity really means. Part One is literally how "accepting" this love is both powerful and life transforming. Not at all easy, yet enormously fulfilling. Ruth continues sharing her journal entries as the means of showing the difference it has made in her life, and what emerges is an impressive maturity born of life experience and brave and consistent effort. Part Two is a collection of one page suggestions of how to practice accepting that unconditional love. This is a remarkable follow-up to her first book and is transformational psychology at its best.

Michael Maday, MA
This morning I wanted to start 2017 with a new practice. I have been reading Accepting Unconditional Love by Ruth Cherry and decided this book would be the tool I would use. It is divided into two sections. The first has chapters that have obviously been written by a woman who speaks from personal experience and they have been instrumental in helping me shift to a new level of health. The second part contains 140 pages. Each page has a suggestion. The suggestions are to notice, to practice or simply "To dance with Source." I have been using the pages in a random way but what I changed for this year is that I am noting the date and my thoughts about the words on the page and what is evoked within me when I read them. This book is a wonderful tool for those just consciously starting their spiritual journey and for those of us who have been doing this for a long time; that, in itself, is quite unique.

Thank you, Ruth, for bringing this to physical form.

Edi Nelson
How do you write a book that dares to take us into a deeper understanding of God/Source than most books can, while simultaneously weaving in a personal story of spiritual growth that leaves the reader with truly applicable tools for the journey? I don't know, but Ruth did it.
Rev. Shad Groverland

From the back cover:


When we allow ourselves to accept Source’s unconditional love for us, we release limitations on our healing and expansion. We trust a Wisdom greater than our mind’s to guide us and we pay attention. We realize that reality is greater than we have known. Joyfully and creatively we move through our days, always available to receive miracles.

Ruth Cherry is a gifted and sensitive writer. Through her wisdom and poignant self-disclosure readers are guided to accept and embrace the unconditional love of Spirit that is available to each of us. This is a book to read and re-read.

Leona Evans, Unity Minister, author, The Evolving Peacemaker and Spirituality and Self Esteem

An illuminating and powerful book.

Patricia Gordon

Ruth Cherry’s Accepting Unconditional Love lays open both the theory and the practice of opening oneself up to receive the wonderful gifts of Spirit. With sensitivity and joy, and full of healthful intentions, the author presents ways for the reader to develop a gracious and available inner state in order that Grace may reveal itself to any of us.

Etan Boritzer, author What is God?

 Experience is allowing ourselves to be touched" Dr. Cherry writes in Accepting Unconditional Love where she uses some of her own life experiences to teach us how to genuinely connect with Source. Her integration of psychology and spirituality shines through as she emphasizes the importance of growing psychologically in order to evolve spiritually. This is particularly refreshing when so many books on spirituality encourage by-passing our feelings and old wounds, slamming the door shut on the past. But Dr. Cherry instructs the reader how to work with the "Adult" and "Controller" and other subpersonalities so we can accept Source’s unconditional love. Part Two consists of a plethora of affirmations that help the reader stay aligned with a deeper knowing, one that that allows us to experience life more aware, awake and alive.

Laura V. Grace

I highly recommend Ruth Cherry, PhD's new book entitled Accepting Unconditional Love. I view this master work as a transformational course in Healing. It is written in a stream of consciousness manner in which we are gently escorted with unconditional love to enter our own psyche for self discovery. Dr Cherry intertwines her own healing journey from MS to assist the reader as she has numerous clients by examining subpersonalities and resistance to living in the flow of life. This is a book to underline, review and practice the golden nuggets of wisdom to utimately make new choices to embrace our own soul.

Rev. Joan Marie Barringer, MEd.

Learning to receive unconditional love is the most essential skill that we require in our human experience for it is grounded in our oneness with Source.  Yet it has also been the most challenging to learn, for we must open ourselves to our own innate wholeness so that we can make the evolutionary leap to being and living from our greater, authentic self.  With wisdom and compassion, Dr. Ruth Cherry in her new book, Accepting Unconditional Love, helps us to open ourselves to these qualities so that we may grow into ourSelves.  I highly recommend this book.

Nancy J. Oristaglio
Author, Columnist, Speaker, Unity and Interfaith Minister, Former Regional Representative, Unity Worldwide Ministries
I admire her courage and her faith.

Charlotte Seager

An inspiring and astute catalyst for claiming your inner spiritual inheritance. Filled with simple and practical wisdom for healing your past, empowering your future, and embracing each present moment. This combination of eternal, universal wisdom and therapeutic insights speaks to Dr. Ruth Cherry's  dedication to assisting humanity to live more blessed and empowered lives. Her unconditionally loving nature and gentle guidance presented here are a precious timeless resource you will want to share with everyone you care about and future generations as well.
I am very grateful for it's simplicity, honesty and great depth.

Iris Barratt

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