Accepting Unconditional Love

As a child I wondered why some things happen for one person and other things happen for another. I chose to study psychology, receiving three degrees in my 20s. I learned that our experience is rooted in our unconscious dynamics. I paid attention to those two words, "unconscious" and "dynamics." Our unconscious is the part of us we're not aware of but the part of us that draws experiences to us. The word dynamics refers to our aliveness—we are ever-changing, always in process.

Deeper than our beliefs, our feelings or our thoughts is our essential core, what I call Unconditional Love. At this level of consciousness, we lose the limitations necessarily implied by our everyday thinking and feeling. Unconditional Love isn't a gift passed from one being to another. It's our Essence. We experience Unconditional Love when we move past our limiting beliefs and when we drop the resistance to experiencing our feelings. Unconditional Love is. The question is, Are you ready to accept the Unconditional Love that lives at your center this second?

If you harbor self-doubt or self-recrimination, the answer is No. If you haven't completely forgiven yourself and others, the answer is No. If you dwell on regrets or resentments, the answer is No. If you've chosen to live a closed down life rather than feel your fear or your rage or your longing, the answer is No. If you don't practice complete self-acceptance, the answer is No.

To accept Unconditional Love takes focus and effort and vigilance and courage. It requires that we don't separate ourselves from our evolving experience.

Accepting Unconditional Love is our choice, a choice we make every minute. My book, Accepting Unconditional Love, illustrates how we diminish our experience, thus sabotaging ourselves, and how we can practice attitudes which support accepting Unconditional Love, thus, freeing us to live with depth and joy.

As one reviewer stated, "In Accepting Unconditional Love, Dr. Cherry has taken us a large step forward, sharing her insights and practices of unconditional love, insights born of her practices. The result is impressive, as virtually every page sports a startling statement of what authenticity really means. Part One is literally how 'accepting' this love is both powerful and life transforming, not easy yet enormously fulfilling. Ruth continues sharing her journal entries as the means of showing the difference it has made in her life, and what emerges is an impressive maturity born of life experience and brave and consistent effort. Part Two is a collection of one page suggestions of how to practice accepting that unconditional love. This is a remarkable follow-up to her first book, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, and is Transformational Psychology at its best."

Accepting Unconditional Love is available from Amazon.


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