Allowing Healing

We allow healing. We can’t will it or force it or buy it. Consciousness is the basis for healing. We can maintain an attitude of openness and humility, paying attention to the details of our experience. And we can say, “I am available.”


Our thinking is a major component of healing but healing isn’t primarily intellectual. All of us have distortions in our perception and our processing of information. We see outside what we don’t want to see inside. We block feelings without consciously knowing we do so. Our thinking wants to keep us comfortable, not vulnerable.


Yet, vulnerability is essential. No matter if the healing is physical or emotional or spiritual, it’s all one. Each of us is one person with different aspects. When we focus on the particular dysfunction in one aspect of us we lose sight of the whole—the complete individual whose eternal core is consciousness.


That core is where healing happens. What isn’t integrated needs healing. What we don’t like needs healing. Anything less than powerful requires healing.


Integration, peace, and power come from our perfect core. They already exist in us this second. We need to discard the distracting overlays that tell us we are not good enough. And that requires psychological work to heal the wounds that gave rise to that belief.


Before we feel our old pain and release it, we notice friction in our encounters with others. Any distortion in our beliefs about ourselves will be magnified by our interactions. Then we move inside and allow healing.


Healing happens when we feel our feelings, look at our beliefs, and keep breathing. Healing demands that we tolerate our uncomfortableness and look at it with detachment. We breathe, we feel, we notice, and we keep breathing. We watch the healing move through us when we step aside and observe. We move into our vulnerability and allow and stay present and focused every second.


And then we do it again, every day. We learn to trust the healing process and to follow its lead. We attune ourselves to receptivity. We, thereby, learn surrender. And with surrender we heal.




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