At the Level of Peace

When you don’t like what you see, you’re offered the opportunity to see beyond the level of challenge to the level of peace. In other words, what is isn’t the problem; it’s how you see it. The good news is that you can change the way you see in one second. Always, no matter what is you have the choice of saying “Yes.” You can drop your resistance to anything at will. And when you drop your resistance, there isn’t a problem!


When you operate at the level of peace, there are no problems, only opportunities. “What am I offered the opportunity to learn from this situation?” Never is blaming and self righteous withdrawal the answer. In an instance where you are Obviously Right, you’re being given the chance to see deeper. What is going on? “I’m Obviously Right and yet they don’t see it and don’t acknowledge me and it pisses me off!” Maybe you need to look at your anger. It’s always a gift when our hidden dynamics are illuminated. 


When you operate at the level of peace you say, “Thank you.” No matter what is, no matter how you feel about it, you say, “Thank you.” You don’t judge, you don’t resist, you don’t criticize. “Thank you.”


Humbling, isn’t it? You can never Be Right. You can’t look down your nose at that poor misguided bloke who is so different from you. You can’t spar and humiliate or gossip and denigrate. You are simply here. You accept what is and you say “Thank you.”


At the level of peace you are asked to let go. You don’t hold onto resentment. You don’t relive anything from more than two minutes ago. You don’t over-think. Discontent is a sign that you’re being invited to express more of your soul’s particular consciousness. So, you gladly embrace your discontent and open to whatever comes.


At the level of peace, you surrender and you trust. You know when you are responsible and you know what’s not in your control. You don’t let details mire you down. Always you keep an eye on the Big Picture---your inevitable growth and development. You know you are being guided and you expect gifts.




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