Ruth’s passion and creativity express in her work. For thirty-five years she practiced individual psychotherapy. She devised her orientation to working with the unconscious inner world from her interest in imagery.  She introduced clients to their suubpersonalities. Through spontaneous imagery, subpersonality dialogues and relationships, healing ensues. She wrote about this work in her first book, “Good People, The Whole Self Integration Guide.”

Her second book, “Matters of the Soul,” expands the notion of the unconscious from the personal psychological realm to include the transpersonal. Readers meet their Spiritual Warrior, their Hero, and their Earth Mother. She discusses spirituality in terms of living on the edge, passion, co-creating, depth and commitment. This is the first book to elucidate spiritual orientation in terms of psychological health. Through imagery exercises the reader taps her own spiritual resources to shift her consciousness.

“Meditation for Skeptics” introduces the reader to meditation in psychological terms without any traditional or religious  overtones. Based on her own experience, the reader learns to follow her inner world’s direction. Two guided meditation CDs provides new meditators with frequent prompts to frame their meditations. Thus, the initiate learns to refer to her own inner world, not to an external authority. No other meditation guided is so firmly based in the mental health principles of the client’s own experience.

Ruth’s two works of spiritual fiction educate as they entertain. “Open Your Heart, A Mid-Life Fable” describes the journey of integration in a forty-something woman as her subpersonalities take form and present her with advice which is wise, funny, and healing. In “Something’s Going On Here” a retired professor discovers magic and mystery around him and within him as he learns to trust his own inner process.

Currently, Ruth is committed to teaching meditation and leading guided meditation groups.The commitment to meditate involves practicing co-creation and partnership with Life.  Passion follows naturally.  Ruth is available to meet with groups in their communities monthly to support their meditation practice.




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