Ruth Cherry is pulling off the near impossible, being a sensitive spiritual soul and a hard-headed psychologist. She blends New Thought beliefs with hard-won psychological insights
Reading her is like walking up a tough trail with an experienced guide; you may not always like what she says, or even agree with her, but you know everything she tells you could save your life.
Rev. Michael A. Maday, M.A., Unity minister and transpersonal counselor.

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Accepting Unconditional Love


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Guided Meditation CD

Three tracks:

Breathe and Be - 13 minutes

The Hero - 18 minutes

Peace- 28 minutes

Frequent prompts guide you to attune to your own inner direction in our new CD

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$2.00 Shipping (Shipped only to the Continental U.S.)

CD: Guided Meditations

Ruth Cherry

with Stephen Tosh on piano


Two tracks:

Partnership - 43 minutes

Being - 19 minutes

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