Matters of the Soul
The unconscious continuum underlying psychology and spirituality is demystified through text, examples, exercises, and reflective questions to spur journal writing. Spiritual subpersonalities are identified which empowers the reader to know and access her own spiritual resources.



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 Good People The Whole Self Integration Guide
The workbook provides the reader with the tools to understand the working of her inner-world-that shadowy realm that doesn't operate rationally or predictably.

By introducing the concept of subpersonalities the reader can identify the different pulls within herself, learn to know them, and help them  grow and mature. Chapter

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Review of Good People

Fr. John Alexis Vierek ...............................                                    Psychosynthesis Therapist, U.N. World Peace Delegate, Author, The Integration of the Shadow in the New Age

This is a terrific self-help book! The presentation is practical, experiential, and immediately accessible, yet solidly grounded in gestalt, psychosynthesis and Jungian theory. The detailed case studies move readers directly into their own inner experience. The exercises at the end of each chapter then provide the opportunity and processes for healing.


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