August 13, 2014

"Your ancestors want to be remembered as they are now, not as they were in human form." Abraham responded to questions about the wisdom of our ancestors by elucidating that they live now, that we maintain a relationship with them now (and they with us), and that they have continued to grow and expand after physical death.                  

What a relief! If you felt anger toward someone that lasted after their death, you can realize that your relationship with them has changed. With death, according to Abraham, we release resistance. We lose the conflicts and defenses and obstacles to our being Essence. That parent/relative/acquaintance you couldn't handle in his lifetime now has lost his obnoxious qualities. You may still resent him for being a jerk to you years ago, but actually now he isn't a jerk in his Essence. And he doesn't even care that you still resent him. He loves you. Regardless of what you say to him or what you think about him, he loves you because that is what he does. Now he is Essence and he exudes Essence.

You may ask, did he turned into God? At our core we are each Spirit. We overlay that pure Essence with our human experiences and resistances and attempts to elude our being but with death all that evaporates and we are left with being who we truly are--Spirit.

So, your relationship with your nemesis needs to reflect that resolution. Now he probably is exactly as you would have wanted. He probably didn't like being a jerk as much as you resented it. His limitations hurt you and hurt him. 

Now he isn't a jerk and you need to acknowledge that and be open to a relationship with a supportive, loving, compassionate figure. Will you do that? Some folks call that forgiveness. I prefer to call it recognizing growth and allowing.

According to Abraham, our ancestors are focused on us as we live today. They think our thoughts and sing our songs. They are not relegated to a distant time and space. The live through us.

There really is no struggle. At this point we all pull in the same direction. Can you accept their love and attention? Do you want to acknowledge that they are with you? Do you want to release your resistance to being Essence before you die? How much of Spirit do you want to include in your daily life? Can you handle having everything you want and losing your victimhood/your resentment/your anger? How much good do you deserve? Spirit and your ancestors want all the best for you. Are you open to that?                     

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