August 16, 2014

It's been a week since I started the new meds. I'm noticing an improvement in my vision, clearer thinking, and subtle physical alignment. My right shoulder turned inward with all the physical weakness and now I notice that at times it seems to want to pull back. Of course, that helps me stand straighter. As I stand straighter I walk better. I look for indications of improved walking and notice that I can walk a little in the evenings, having given that up a few weeks ago. Mostly I know that I am improving and I know I will continue to improve.

At meditation today I spoke with a frequent attendee who is confronting physical concerns. She told me about a healer who laid hands on her and her symptoms disappeared temporarily. She added that she knew it was her mind. Thinking about it afterward, I realize that he was vibrating at a healing level and upset her vibrations but her mind has much momentum and restored her old less-than-healthy vibrations. I wonder if I were shown that because I need to look at what my mind is doing. 

Of course, the answer is yes. Everything is for my benefit. So how does my Controller sabotage me these days?

When I think about the past, especially frustrations, it's my Controller.

When I resurrect old anger instead of letting it dissipate, it's my Controller.

When I think and plan and strategize and make life a problem to be solved, it's my Controller.

When I trust and allow and let life guide me, it's Spirit.

When I relax and enjoy the day, it's Spirit.

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