August 27, 2014

I appreciate the help walking that the new medication affords but the every-night insomnia drains me. I decided it was preferable to feel bad from not sleeping than bad from taking sleep meds that leave me hung over and foggy. That is one challenge. 

The heater in the pool broke and for two days I've done a cold 1/2 mile instead of my warm one mile. In the year I've swum there, no interruptions have occurred so I know this is normal. I hate being cold but they told me in two days the water temperature will be restored.

A third challenge is with an older woman, a client who is depressed. I think she needs the stimulating environment of a residential setting but her daughter is uncooperative. If I push too hard, the daughter resists. If I don't push, the situation doesn't change. I've gathered information on two lovely homes which I will present to them next week. I must treat the daughter respectfully even though she doesn't treat me that way. 

Why these challenges/frustrations now? What inside me do I need to consider?

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