July 1, 2014

Committing to allowing my own healing carries me deeply inside to an old, old belief that I'm not good enough. Formed in error in my first days on earth, this belief has lived and, apparently, continues to live without my awareness in a deep place in me. Of course, I can't receive my good with that vibe still active, reeking of self-loathing.

Recognizing the feeling helps me identify the belief. I can feel the familiar discomfort. I look at it and I feel motherly. I want to hold that hurting child and soothe her and tell her it's all different now. Time to let go. We can be happy in the present. The frustration and fear and disappointment have calcified into a belief but together we can release it.

We won't think or discuss or look at the past. We just practice that winner vibe. Basically, I know I am a winner of huge proportions. I know I can heal myself in ways others may not believe. But first I must let go of old hindering beliefs.

I'm glad I saw it. Now I release it. I'm ready to win. I am a winner.

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