July 15, 2014

I realized in a quiet moment this morning that my fingertips no longer go numb when I swim. It was happening at each swim and it was bothering me. I prayed, asking for healing. The numbness hasn't happened in a while but I didn't notice that it had resolved. My prayers were answered, slowly over time, when I was distracted and not thinking about my concern.

That's how healing works. Slowly, gradually, but effectively. And without input from my Controller after the initial request.

The Abraham/Hicks model is:

1. I request. 

2. Source says, Yes. 

3. I must allow in order to receive.

Clearly, allowing is all I need to practice. Source hears my every request. Source always responds affirmatively, immediately. I must release resistance to receiving. 

Releasing resistance happens on every level. Resistance to feeling feelings? I must release it and feel them. Resistance to accepting another? I must release it and accept her and appreciate her just as she is in the moment. Resistance to accepting myself unconditionally? I must release it. I can't have an opinion. I can't think or judge or evaluate. My challenge is simply to be present and to allow Source to heal me.

Like opening a dam, I allow.   

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