July 20, 2014

This morning at church Leona, the minister, asked us each to share what we do to contribute to peace. Of course, at Unity we start with peace inside. I spoke about my commitment to healing. This morning I walked vertically from my house to the corner and back again. The first time in nine years I could maintain good posture.

I have been doing my core exercises and could feel my hips tuck under "naturally" which keeps my back straight. But in addition to the physical details, Spirit is involved. My healing is happening now while I focus on practicing vibrational integrity, while I facilitate a guided meditation group every day, while my Controller issues heal. 

I am pleased and optimistic. The congregation applauded in support of me. This has been such a solitary journey that having others acknowledge me and truly understand how I'm approaching my healing warmed my heart. Healing on another level. 

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