July 26, 2014

I wrote the August newsletter today:

"Imagination establishes the blueprint for what can happen within time and space. . . Imagination gives the Universe direction. . .  Thoughts become things no matter what you're thinking. . .You are here to learn of your power, your divinity, and your sovereignty."

Mike Dooley states these truths in Choose Them Wisely. I love that they invite us to live large. We're not here to fit in or to replay our predecessors' lives. We're here to do something that's never been done. 

The Universe cooperates with us and assists us because it's a natural law. As Mike says, "The supernatural pull of your thoughts continues long after you think them." We are creators. Our thoughts precede our outer world experience, for better or worse. Always we are creating.

Let's create with a conscious awareness of what we choose.

I've learned in my meditations that at our deepest core we are already healed, already whole, already vibrating at the frequency of Source. We can always choose to experience that vibration or the worry/fret/resist vibration. We are both Source energy and completely human.

No matter what the concern, the answer usually is, Go to Source. And in that vibration we are unlimited. Of course, we need to practice that unlimited Source vibration and to own it. The more we do so, the more we trust it and the more we live in its rhythm. We learn to expect guidance as we experience it more and more. 

 The more we vibrate at the frequency of Source, the better life works for us.  

The first step is releasing resistance. To vibrate at the frequency of Source we can't be resisting our feelings, judging them or denying them. We feel them and let them pass without reaction. We can't be resisting our own power. We acknowledge that Source lives in and through us and that 'playing small' is just pretending. We can open to power beyond measure. 

Let's imagine that. What do you want to see in your life that your mind says, 'Probably not'? Do you want to open to that unrealistic possibility, practice the vibration at the level of Source, and invite a miracle? A miracle is only a natural law that our minds won't accept as inevitable. We are so much more than our minds are capable of knowing and we deserve so much more than they tell us to expect.

Let's identify with the essential core in us and allow. Let's practice that often. And let's see what happens! 

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