July 7, 2014

Is 7-7 significant? Today feels like the start of a new chapter. My new clients were good for one session. My old clients are disappearing. That leaves me with staying here and meditating.

We had six folks at the group today. It was great. They left and I napped. What's wrong with that?

Elissa gave me the most beautiful card I've ever received. She compared me to Oprah as far as bringing good things into her life. The job I recommended worked out. The new employer called and said they like her. She said she likes them. And she said, "It was so easy."

She had hung out in their neighborhood near the ocean and fantasized about living there. I love her excitement and appreciation and joy. I was key in creating this job and getting her involved. Was I operating from inspiration? Felt like it. Certainly it couldn't have been better for everyone.

That makes me feel like I truly am operating in partnership with life and that's thrilling. It also lets me know I can trust my intuition. So I will trust my intuition that now my job is to meditate.

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