June 14, 2014

Tomorrow I speak at church while the minister is away. I will lead with Jung's story about the African village suffering terribly from an extended drought. A shaman entered the village and walked into the center where a tent awaited him. After three days, rain poured. When asked what he "did," he replied that he had picked up so much imbalance walking through the village, he knew he must restore his own inner balance before the environment would reflect balance.
Preparing this talk, I have consciously noticed my own vibrational practice. I tried an experiment. I affirmed that a tiny spot on my cheek would disappear. Daily I said, "The spot on my cheek-- thanks for removing it." Yesterday a second spot appeared!
I didn't realize that I was focusing on the problem instead of the solution. Whatever I focus on increases. This experiment delights me because I can see the Universe responding immediately and precisely to me. I understand how I need to re-focus. I need to see my cheek healthy and even. I need to see my walking healthy and comfortable. I need to know perfect health for myself, to really know it in my heart. Intellectual affirmations prove irrelevant and, worse than that, they lead me away from the Source of my power.
I'm trusting and knowing that Source will heal my completely. Rationally, this is nonsense but rationality has nothing to do with healing. I know how to align my vibrations with Source. I know how to practice vibrational integrity. I totally trust my oneness. That's all I need.
I'm going to have so much fun noticing the little signs of my healing. It's no longer a question of "if" but "how" and "when" and I'm not impatient. My goodness comes to me and I receive it joyfully.

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