June 4, 2014

Today it occurs to me that I can give in. Not give up, but give in to the well-being that surrounds and envelops me. That endless stream that keeps flowing until my mind with its incessant thoughts chokes it. Why not choose to be "at the bottom of the barrel" where the healing shift occurs. That's where I say, "I cannot do this with my own will; I surrender." I don't give up but I shift my orientation and give it to Source. 

And I wait and I practice receiving and I look for instances of my good coming. The second Source hears my desire, Source sees me with that desire fulfilled. I choose to see myself that way, to know that my healing is true now regardless of the "evidence," and to celebrate my oneness with Source by living joyfully. I choose to see my desires fulfilled. I choose to live joyfully regardless of my circumstances. I choose to know rather than to hope or to believe or to ask.

I know that reality starts inside with my knowing the truth of my healing. I will see it when I know it. First, I practice vibrating at the frequency of Source. As I am one with Source, I know what Source knows. And Source already knows that I am healed. I simply allow that healing.

Big things are the same as small things to Source. I always get the parking places I need. I always find what's lost. I am guided to meet the folks I need to know. Doors I don't see open. I see Source working every day in my life so I know healing is mine. And knowing that, I go about my life and look for gifts. 

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