May 4, 2014

I had anticipated the new medication because I was told it would yield immediate benefits with no side effects. Quite the opposite was true. Within two hours of taking the first pill dizziness prevented me from standing. Now almost 24 hours later I still don't feel myself. I'm glad I tried it since I want to explore every option the doctors provide. They seem to resist death but be OK with medication destroying my quality of life. What's the sense in that?

Now I am more sure that my healing is up to me. This morning I am speaking at Unity while the minister is out of town. My topic is vibrating at the frequency of the Universe. We are all physical and non-physical beings and we always always emanate a vibration. What are we emanating?

If we know as Source knows we create a reality vibrationally aligned with Source. If we doubt or think or believe, we separate ourselves from Source. True healing is practicing that aligned vibration all the time. I don't think the doctors practice that alignment. The offer a cure (or partial cure) from their intellects. They trust their minds more than their Source energy center. They believe, they don't trust their experience. Bless them. They do the best they can but they can't offer me what I need to heal. I am this morning, more clearly than I have ever been, sure that my healing is up to my vibrational practice.

At church this morning I will lead the congregation in imagining their perfect healing, in whatever terms that takes. And I will practice this also. 10 minutes a day of knowing myself healing, visualizing myself healed, aligned with Source. No thinking, no belief, no action. Simply knowing and allowing. 

Allowing the Universe to work in my life is trusting God completely, jumpng off the edge, acknowledging that I haven't supplied a parachute and watching to see what happens. Besides having no alternative at this point, I want to live this way. I want to embrace passion and trust and total surrender. I want to say Your Will be done. I'm clear that I can do no more under my own steam. All the pushing and exercising and discipline hasn't carried me the last miles of my healing. I am glad I practice good habits but I need more. And God is my only hope at this poimt.

And not such a puny hope, either. The power that creates worlds is available to me and to each of us. All we need say is I'm available. And then practice alignment with the Universe vibrating. 

I can do that. I want to do that. I choose to be a vibrational match to my own healing. I choose to focus on the solution, not on the problem. I choose to align with the Universe, not with my intellect or my hard work or with the doctors acceptance of imitation. I have hope and knowing and trust. 

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