May 6, 2014

I discussed my difficulty with the drug with my friend, Amber. A decades long meditator, she immediately responded, "Trust your intuition." Today on the treadmill at the gym walking 1.4 miles an hour, focusing on rolling my foot as the physical therapist had instructed, a thought came to ingest only a few grains from the capsule, not the whole capsule.

I do notice today that I'm not walking as well as I did the last two. Maybe the drug did some good. I will trust my intuition and experiment with the drug and with my exercise. And await further intuitive marching instructions.

I'm listening to Abraham/Hicks preach, "Everything is vibrational." I practice aligning my vibration with Source and devote time specifically for that every day. That's the most I need do. And listen. And know that my good comes to me now.

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