May 7, 2014

I swallowed a few grains of the drug last night and thought/(hoped) I felt a slight tingling in my legs as though they were waking up. This morning I feel my right leg more connected to the ground and I'm able to tuck my hips under. I also walk a teeny bit better. These were the first presenting symptoms nine years ago when I lost so much. Thus, I suspect the drug is beneficial but I must experiment to find the appropriate dose. Tonight I'll ingest a bit more.

This feels like an answer to my prayers and a big answer at that. I recognized that I received more when I started practicing the Abraham/Hicks material less than a year ago. I learned that I must forgive and release, I must stay in the present and appreciate, and that spiritual forces notice me every second. Doing these practices seems to remove a block which allows me to receive.

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