November 11, 2014

What a magic day. I slept enough, I entered the pool early and swam a mile. I met with a new client at the office at the church. I let myself in without tripping the alarm. The session went well. At the meditation group were two 20-somethings, each of whom has meditated with me previously. One offered suggestions about fixing the torn chair. My second client went well and decided not to continue, both good things. I decided to stop by Jones NY since I was in the neighborhood. They had a 50% sale and since it's Tuesday, another 10% off. I found three shirts, two sweaters and the same pair of pants twice. I drove home to hear about a definite referral and a maybe.
The first thing that happened this morning was that Jason from Hay House called. On their web site I had inquired about self-publishing. He confirmed that that is the only way Hay House looks at new authors. He was pleasant, professional, and supportive. He said they publish four books a year out of 1200 submissions. Those are good odds for me!!
I had planned on slowly walking better and having the book complete next summer but today I revised those plans. I will walk perfectly by the first of the year and have the manuscript finished in Jan. I feel happy, excited, supported, and motivated. If the Universe invites, I am available!

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