November 16, 2014

Oprah Winfrey's name came to mind yesterday. I decided to buy some new slippers. That's what I wear in the house and my old ones were inching out of the acceptable category. I found three pairs I appreciated so I bought all three! How completely indulgent. But that's what Oprah would do. I felt prosperous.
Looking over my client schedule for this week, I notice I have a client scheduled every day after meditation. That was something I've wanted but haven't formalized as a request, just a thought.  I'm receiving what I think about.
At the park yesterday and today, I've walked the whole circuit. I had guessed it to be 1/4 mile but heard today it's 1.2 miles! Granted, yesterday I stopped twice and today three times briefly. (My Controller is quick to remind me of my limitations, bless her heart.) But I'm reassured and expecting walking to get easier. I can see my dream materializing.
I feel happy and optimistic and at home in my life. Having a clear, working relationship with Source comforts me more than anything.

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