November 17, 2014

My gifts fell over each other today. Having walked a mile on Sat. and on Sun., I wanted to walk a mile this morning. But I received another gift--two new clients. I scheduled one this morning and one this afternoon, before and after meditation. They are both lovely women, good referrals. It's fun to have many referrals but the truth is most of them are very short-term and uninterested in doing work at some depth. These two women, however, are reflective, intelligent, and suffering from their Controller's will. The Enneagram serves me well in knowing folk's psychodynamic challenges quickly. One is a 1, needing to integrate her vulnerability. The other seems to be a 4, needing to express and expand.
I'm so grateful that my professional life is gratifying. I love my work and I can't imagine anything better. I love private practice. I love seeing clients in their homes or at Unity in the meeting room. I love setting my own schedule, doing therapy the way that fits for me, and even doing my own billing.
And I noticed that some tightness has relaxed in my hips so I am walking more evenly easily. I'm standing straighter. The first limit at the beginning of menopause 9.5 years ago was not being able to tuck my hips under and stand straight. Now that seems to be reversing without my attention. What an incredible gift. I couldn't do it on my own but now it happens without my attention.
Only to myself had I thought that starting to swim earlier would be fun. I needed to interrupt my swim to go to the bathroom today and in that five minutes I encountered another swimmer who swims earlier than I do. She told me that she's not swimming tomorrow and offered me her lane earlier !! That never happens but it happened for me at exactly the minute I could take advantage of it. Spirit is so with me.

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