November 23

I spoke at Unity today, having heard at 6:30 last night that Leona is unavailable. I wanted to go into it without anxiety or pressure. I made notes, organized a stream of thoughts, and focused for 30 minutes. Then I relaxed and trusted that it would be fine.
It was fine. We had more music than usual and another congregation member wanted to share her presentation. I didn't have time for my talk but I did lead a guided meditation about practicing gratitude for the reality we are creating which is not manifest yet. Two people spoke to me afterward, thanking me.
My goal of staying relaxed was met. The service was fine but funky. The noon meditation here afterward was good with two participants. I'm moving into the next stage--competent professional who is self-accepting and accepted by others. It feels a little strange but my goal is to always be trusting and surrendered. I need to not think any more.  Just allow.  

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