November 4, 2014

I felt free today. So many years I didn't realize the binding from the shame. It wrapped around me like a boa constrictor circling my throat. It's a different world without the shame.
I saw a new client and received a referral from a new referral source.
The meditation group was good. We are getting smaller and more powerful. It's magic. As soon as we had started I received an insight in response to a question asked of me just before the group. Magic. I feel so connected and, consequently, so worthy. 
I am very pleased that I have more energy. Most days I rest once instead of twice. I like being a little more active and I really like my body straightening itself. Tension has been released.
I'm waiting for inspiration to tell me when to leave the house in the mornings to go to the gym. Each time I do, I enter the gym immediately and have a lane in the pool and/or the hot tub awaiting me. A watchful presence protects and guides me. I love how it has come about through focus and trust in this second and not from focusing on the past. What needs to be healed comes up and is healed. I don't do anything. My job is to be aware and allowing.

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