November 5, 2014

Not to reinforce the suffering/reward paradigm --- but today I'm receiving miracles. I'm standing straighter and walking more easily. Several days ago I had requested a nice interaction at the gym. Today a swimming friend complimented my improved stroke. She's the only person in the world who is aware of how I swim and open to comment. It was very kind of her; my heart is touched. I feel blessed that the Universe is working for me.
Another Universal intervention--I had been asking for guidance about a local in-person continuing education class of 3-4 hours. At the dentist's office yesterday, the dentist handed me a brochure for CE seminars and then last night he called and left a message about more CE opportunities! What a surprise. I didn't expect CE information to come from my dentist! It feels like a Universal intervention. These specific classes may not work but I feel heard and acknowledged.
After meditation today, Joanie stayed awhile and we talked. I found myself encouraging her to believe in her own creativity. I showed her the card she had drawn which I framed. She was honored. She mentioned the section in my book (Open Your Heart) about learning to draw. She was moved because she knows what inspiration feels like. We talked more about this and that and we ended by looking at a gift book. We decided to create a book together. I will write a few sentences, she will illustrate with pen and ink. We were both excited. This project doesn't feel heavy and isn't built upon another's misery, as psychotherapy is. Writing this book will be fun  and light-hearted and very possible. Something we can enjoy doing.
Joanie and I have both suffered from depression and we have both worked our way out of it. We are both committed to meditating and we both want something life-giving to do now. Is this a result of releasing the shame and it's constriction? My body feels released and relaxed. My creativity flows. I see a new opening and the possibility of joy and expansion.

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