Nov 6

I wrote these words today as the first draft of my book with Joanie:

Magnificent Woman

Jody loves mocha almond fudge ice cream. She swirls it in her mouth and touches her nose with her ice cream tongue.

Amy devours books. She reads about war and flowers and golf. Amy lives a full life. (image of a woman  reading Braille)

Janice plays. In the produce section of the grocery store she finds the tomatoes and the grapes and the butter lettuce who play with her.

Carrie practices smiles. She smiles when her neighbor comes in late and slams the door. She smiles when she forgets her umbrella. She smiles when bills come in the mail. And she smiles when everything goes well.

Missy dances in the dark. She waves her scarves and invites moon beams to join her.  

Antoinette peels and slices and chops. Her vegetables dance in the pot.

Karen draws ears. Giant ears, floppy ears, dumpling ears, wavy ears. Karen wants to hear everything. 

Patricia pinches her posies, prunes her petunias, and practices peace.

Jennifer notices her thoughts and chooses only the loving ones to hold. She releases the rest like smoke in the breeze.

Hannah peels carrots and potatoes, paying attention. She loves food and food loves her.

Judy focuses on this moment. No matter what is, Judy notices and embraces this moment.

Christine expects only the best. She knows she is protected. 

Sandy forgives everyone. In fact, she doesn't take offense. She doesn't react to anything. She relishes each second.

Mary chooses life. She doesn't let her diagnosis define her. She is more than her body or her mind or her job or her money or her achievements. She is a divine spark and she celebrates.

Joyce gives freely of herself. Everyone she meets is a friend. Her heart is open and she expects a miracle.

Sometimes Jane's socks don't match. Jane giggles and loves herself.
Frances remembers only the good times. She nurtures amnesia for all the rest.

Julie knows peace in her heart.

Nancy sees the shining heart of everyone she meets.

Margie allows her days to be, just as they are. No pressure, no resistance, no judgment. Only joy.

Greta forgives herself. She practices self-acceptance in the moment. Every moment. No matter what.

Elsa treats herself compassionately. She chooses gentleness with herself, nurturing the child inside.

For Frieda life is a daily adventure. She doesn't know what may happen but she always looks for gifts.

Jackie runs and dances

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