October 12, 2014

I'm always testing, looking at how things are going. Lately, I've consciously practiced joy and things are going very well. Joy has been a lifelong challenge. First, my natural personality style  isn't light-hearted. Second, I have typically expressed anger by withdrawing. Third, I have noticed that when I feel joy the next step was disappointment so there was a built-in conditioning to not allow trust and joy.
But this week I have really been searching for what will support me in manifesting my goal of walking well. Besides my exercise, I focus on my consciousness. I have chosen joy consciously. And everything has gone well. More interactions with friends. More fun. More sleep. More joy. And today after meditation Claudia stayed and showed me some yoga poses to practice core exercises. Already it feels like the exercises are beneficial.
Additionally, I found a rug online with no tax and no shipping fees.
Life is good.

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