October 18, 2014

After meditation today, I spoke with Joanie. She and I share the same Enneagram type and wing. We've had similar challenges and feelings so it's easy to connect with her.
Usually, four women come at noon any day and today was the same. We have the regulars and the frequent but irregulars and the once-in-a-while folks. Altogether in a month, probably fifteen different women and men come and meditate with me. We never talk about our experience but I trust that they are benefitting since they continue to show up.
When the others had left, I spoke personally and openly with Joanie. I shared my need to contribute and my hope that this meditation group supports that. Given my diagnosis, I can do something no one else has ever done--heal my brain lesions as indicated by the MRI. I also trust meditation to guide me in walking better and better and more and more. Talking with Joanie, I remembered my passion and excitement about my healing goals. They are totally unrealistic which intrigues and motivates me. I want to do something unexpected. And I want meditation to show me the path.
I appreciate Joanie's support. I trust she knows what it feels like inside my skin since she shares my outlook and process. I am in the middle of this healing journey now but some day in the future I will be further along. Then I will be grateful for my diagnosis. Then I'll have evidence to support my claims. Then I can share my experience of healing.
That will be so fun


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