October 19, 2014

When I review my life I notice how focused I have been in some areas and how passive in others. Despite some lack of planning and poor judgment, I have always done well academically and professionally. A star has lit my way when I veered off-course. A few well-timed breaks led me to eventual success. It's not all my own doing.
In mid-life when I lost some ability to walk, I accepted it without much resistance. Too many physical challenges hit me at once and I had no support. So, I tolerated greater and greater loss  and believed that's just how life was for me. Until I discovered Abraham/Hicks and started working with the Universe.
Universal law governs all of us but I didn't get clear about that until my time off in 2012/13.  It looks like happenstance and coincidence that I was guided to discover a refined and specific spirituality. It certainly didn't hit me all at once and I didn't recognize the magnitude of the shift in my consciousness. Spirit must have orchestrated my experience precisely. And I've learned that Spirit always does. We can tune in or not. Our choice.
I'm living one day at a time now and asking for guidance. I trust that the next door will open when I'm ready. I'm given gifts when I don't expect them. After meditation today we stretched. One person showed us a hip stretch that loosened some tightness I've lived with for decades. When I stood my balance and my walking were unsteady as I experienced a new alignment.
That seems like a miracle for me. In the guided meditation one participant was inspired by a prompt which led her to greater clarity. I received an image of a center in an old house downtown where we can offer groups. A predilection? Time will tell.

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