October 23, 2014

I wrote the November newsletter today:
In September I spoke at Unity about loving unconditionally. When we love unconditionally, we don't pay attention to conditions. Instead, we focus on appreciating the Source essence of the one we view. Now, I'd like to consider our part in receiving unconditional love.
Each of us maintains a vibrational atmosphere. We are vibrational beings in a vibrational world. Our thoughts and beliefs affect the vibration we practice. You choose the beliefs you keep active. Some folks think that anything that has happened is truth. They hold onto that vibration and they keep it active. Many folks keep thoughts and beliefs active that don't serve them. You may say, "Well, this victimization happened. It's the truth so I believe it."
Don't let the "truth" of something be the determinant. Many, many things are true. Keep active the vibration of the things you want to replicate. You are a vibrational being and life responds to your vibration. Everything that you experience is because you have chosen a particular vibration, either deliberately or by default. Life doesn't happen randomly. Nothing happens apart from the Law of Attraction. The vibration you maintain is reflected in your finances, your clothes, your health, your relationships. Everything you notice is about you. 
While we acknowledge that at our core we are Source, we seem to believe that in some ways we are separate from Source. Source never withholds from us, is always focused on us, constantly surrounds  us with attention, appreciation, and unspeakable love. We're either allowing through choosing the path of least resistance or resisting through practicing guardedness. Focusing on things around you holds you in a vibration that keeps you from experiencing the love that is being flowed to you at all times.
What are you doing with your thoughts that is letting in or resisting this unconditional love?  Are you creating conditions by your vibrational frequency that are not allowing unconditional love? In our daily life whatever happens--traffic, job opportunities, interpersonal experiences, encounters with strangers--responds to our vibrational atmosphere. You create purposefully or by default. If you let yourself respond to conditions around you, you are not allowing yourself to receive love unconditionally.
Decide to respond to the vibrational atmosphere you consciously choose to create rather than responding in a knee-jerk fashion to this condition and that condition and the other condition. Rather than looking outside of yourself for praise or appreciation to make you feel good about yourself, look for it where it really is--inside.  Unconditional love and appreciation is always available from Source.  If you are looking for it anywhere else, you're looking for love in all the wrong places. Every place is the wrong place to look for love if it's not inside, from Source.

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