October 24, 2014

Receiving unconditional love. Apparently, this is my new challenge. That involves trust, good self-esteem, confidence, and an awareness of partnership with Source. No wonder most folks don't do it. But I will.
Integrating my vulnerability is a big part of receiving love. Vulnerability isn't neediness but I mistook the two in my young years. Needing anything or anyone signaled danger so I tried to minimize my needs. Vulnerability is absolutely required now. I'm seeing the need for my clients to acknowledge it, so I know I need to recognize it in me.
It doesn't scare me now. It's an easy flow and shift. It's flexible because it isn't based on need. I know my worth and I don't need approval. My partnership is strong and I completely trust it.
I'm vulnerable with my walking challenges. I want to integrate that vulnerability and practice availability. I feel anchored in each second and appreciative.
Two coincidences today tell me Source is with me. I saw a hummingbird alight on the tree limb outside my window. I don't know if I've ever seen a hummingbird still. Then I encountered my adversary at the mailboxes. I didn't recognize him so walked up. He mentioned my improved walking. He offered conversation and I responded politely. I'm so relieved that this unfinished business is resolved. I have avoided him for years and knew I should get past it but couldn't on my own. Source provided the perfect condition.
Meditating with Ginny for 45 - 60 minutes before the noon meditation group adds such a wonderful dimension to my days. 
Seems like I am receiving love.

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