October 9, 2014

Returning from my morning swim, I watched the freeway morph into a parking lot. My 18 minute drive stretched to a 90+ minute creep. I always have almonds, kleenex, and water with me. This morning I also pulled out of my backseat bag Wayne Dyer's The Invisible Force. Randomly, I opened to 149. "The field of intention allows everything to emanate into form, and its unlimited potential is built into all that has manifested--even before its initial birth pangs were being expressed."
Yes, that message is for me. I so want to heal myself or, rather, to allow healing. And, actually, I know that the Universe wants that for me. The Universe would be delighted for me to manifest a healing that hasn't manifested heretofore. The Universe isn't holding me back. In fact the Universe knows me healed right now.
I want to know that, also. I know it in my head. I want it in my heart. I see it in my imagination. It has to manifest. How can it not? 

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