October 1, 2014

Three weeks ago today the meditation group with the County employees started. I was late, there wasn't a nearby parking spot, I didn't use my cane. The meditation itself went well. Today I was early, there was one perfect parking spot for me, and my walking was great.
Since Sunday and Monday, the days of my tearful awakening, my walking has improved noticeably. I feel more grounded and more flexible. An instant miracle.
I also feel more at peace inside myself and in the world. I receive much good. The pharmacy will replace the dose of the medication I lost. I know it will be a significant expense to them. Why will they do that for me? I can get by without it but they insisted. I received two prescription refills today for no charge. I get this expensive new medication free. Maybe because it's the end of the year and my deductible has been met. Still I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and awe.
I resisted the diagnosis but it has opened doors and improved my life. Now I can see a path to total recovery. My walking is so much better and I know it will continue to improve. I'm offering the Enneagram workshop Sat. and I will enjoy it. I will treasure every minute of my life.

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