October 31, 2014

I'm surprised and pleased when I recognize how well my days are going. I've meditated silently for an hour three days this week with a friend before the guided meditation group at noon. Small difficulties have evaporated. Larger challenges resolve easily. I have more energy and finish tasks around the house. I've received two referrals from a new referral source. Sleep has been good. And yesterday my neighbor brought me a gift from Rouen, France, where she vacationed--chocolate dusted almonds which I have searched for since July. I didn't realize until later in the day that that was another (unspoken and unrecognized) request answered. I feel like the Universe is listening and is responding to my wants.
My walking feels more even and less labored. Improvement in that area is slow but definitely there. I am encouraged.
And I'm more peaceful than I've ever felt. Getting away from the Controller orientation I was taught has opened life to me. Knowing Source is with me allows me to accept others who aren't.

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