October 6, 2014

I feel fine and I have more energy. It was a busy weekend -- the Enneagram workshop on Saturday and the potluck after meditation on Sunday. I presented the Enneagram information well on Saturday. 11 folks showed up, the discussion was lively, we laughed, and told stories about interactions between types. Definitely a success.
In Santa Barbara folks would have paid more than $50 to attend. Here, I suggested donations. I need to remember I do it to learn the material and to learn to present. I am given so much in other ways that I am grateful to give back.
The fellow at church who saw me fall last week spoke a few words to me this Sunday. He said I was mad and embarrassed when I got up and walked to my car. His comments bothered me because they were so off. But why should I care? Obviously, I don't value him. Maybe he's reacting to my dismissal of him. It makes me think about slipping into the church from the back door and leaving quickly, reinforcing my belief that others won't understand me. 
Some planet is retrograde so maybe that's all it is but after putting so much energy out, I feel like being still or at least alone.

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