Sept. 1, 2014

When I find myself practicing anger, I know my Child is angry with my Controller. I may project the Controller onto another human but the original anger is inside. Today the anger is about stifling myself. I no longer want to be nice. I choose to be honest. I will always be in my Adult when I interact with others but I won't do anything I don't want to do. 

And that's the basis for all the Controller interactions recently. And all my life. I made a huge commitment to identify with the Controller at some point and I've paid for it. Now that's over. In peace I want to release her and move on.

This is an important insight regarding my healing because Controller/Child conflicts are yet another way of not embracing wholeness and maturity. I realized in meditation today that my anger with the inconsiderate neurologist needs to morph into help for him from my Adult. I need to teach him how to act and speak and treat me (and other women). Then I'm not angry when I move into Teacher. Nor do I need  to avoid him. 

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