September 14, 2014

I've felt so tired this weekend that I could sense some discouragement. I evaluate my movement and wonder if I will experience the perfect walking that I affirm. Listening to Abraham this afternoon I realize that I have bumped into a wall. My early belief that I can't have what I want stops this manifestation. In my Adult I affirm my perfect walking but in my unconscious Child I believe I can't have it. Just realizing that opens the doors for me to progress.
Even when I feel discouraged I still see myself walking perfectly. That tells me the discouragement is temporary and the walking is certain. The old belief from my first weeks of life was true then but isn't true now. Staying in my Adult and using good judgment, I can have everything and anything.
This is where the Abraham material meets the unconscious. I'm so grateful to have studied psychology and now spirituality and to have a solid meditation practice. I have everything I need to do this work. 

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