September 16, 2014

I felt a joy that was new to me yesterday. I received a referral, just what I had requested from the Universe--a woman with Medicare in SLO. I felt acknowledged and respected. I felt heard. Knowing that the U hears me and responds precisely to me is unimaginably confirming. What's to worry about?
I think the Universe responds to me as I release my layers of defense against my feelings. The days prior I had felt my infancy longing and allowed it. That's all. Just acknowledge it and let it be.
The love I felt coming to me was new. I remember practicing as a child not trusting love that was offered. It was always snatched away, leaving me vulnerable and alone and feeling stupid that I trusted it would maintain. Feeling this new vitality and joy for life was invigorating. Can I trust it? Can I live this way, being happy and undefended and available for more and more good? Can I safely be vulnerable?
I'm guessing Yes. It's worth an experiment. I will be happy and confident that the U hears me and will cooperate with me. I have nothing to lose and my life to gain. All the little white feathers I notice around my house reassure me. Living in complete joyful partnership promises a thrilling possibility.
I will do it. I will trust and expect support and gifts. I will appreciate the adventure each day is. I know the U watches and cares. And I'm guessing it won't be snatched away. Let's see. This week I will notice patterns and consider that things have changed.

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