September 17, 2014

I've asked for more energy and today I was especially concerned about it. I left for the gym at 5:10, taking my dress clothes and make-up and food. I sat in the hot tub for five minutes, a trick I just learned to make the swim possible without getting too cold. My lane emptied twenty minutes early so I got a head start, always appreciated. I swam for over an hour, alternating my five strokes to protect my shoulders. I saw the quarter moon, the stars, the grey sky, and then the sun. It was a great swim because I wasn't anxious to get out.
I saw my early client near the gym whom I hadn't seen for a month. The session went well. I am pushing her to get out more and to participate in life. She has Huntington's and has become very withdrawn, not her natural state. She's bright, personable, and has much to offer. She also semi-resents it when I push her. I tell her I don't see her as an invalid and I want to support her empowerment. I suggested she visit an elderly shut-in person to listen to them.
My next appointment was in town with my financial advisor. I had spent 1.5 hours with him yesterday and he wanted me to come back. We spent more than that amount of time today. He's very generous with his time and his spirit and his considered advice. I very, very much appreciate him.
I left his office a few minutes later than I had expected and went to the wrong car parked just across the street from his office. I opened the back door and the driver, an older woman said, "Ma'am, ma'am." I was distracted and concerned about getting to the meditation group on time and I was not being present. I'm glad it was minor and she wasn't upset. Why do I worry about time when God is so with me? Why do I worry about anything at all?
The group today had four attendees and was great. No nap this morning or afternoon and I feel fine. I'm more involved with life, more active, and I truly think my posture is shifting and allowing more normal walking. I feel more aligned in my body. Maybe I'll walk more tomorrow.
Mostly what I'll do is appreciate. I've never been happier in a healthy way. I finally want to live and enjoy my time on earth. A first.

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