September 24, 2014

I feel more anchored in my powerful Adult. I released E. As with a couple other folks, I saw how much more her life could be, but it isn't my decision and she made hers clear. Abraham says to let the Law of Attraction bring the right folks to us. Also, there never is a crowd on the leading edge. I see how others' lives could change but it's none of my business. I will let the LofA deliver  the right folks to me.

When I left the gym this morning, the desk attendant asked if I work in real estate. I referred him to Antoinette. She's ready for business and has been meditating daily with me. Very fun.

While I was with my client this afternoon, her friend who also wants to be a client called. Synchronicity abounds.

Karen gave me a book by TN Hanh about waking meditation. I've read a few pages and somehow it seems magic and healing just to hold it and read it. I also practice the relaxed walking and want to believe I see advantage. Another miracle? We'll see how far the walking improvement goes.

And always there are more feathers.

I feel blessed.

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