September 27, 2014

It occurs to me that I need to consider the Victim role I choose if I notice it and react to it so strongly in others. My thoughts can tend toward the Victim and the past but I catch them and delete. I seem to need to upgrade my avoidance of the Victim and my focus on being the Joyous Creator. Thinking that my Victim obstructs my walking totally motivates me.
My Victim frustrates me as much as others' frustrates me. I can't stand to allow Victim at all in my thoughts; this healing endeavor of mine is all about thought/energy/consciousness.
I noticed some new feelings in my right foot and leg today. It's clear that I need to push down hard with the ball of my right foot to walk better. It allows me to walk taller and to lift my leg more naturally. Otherwise I'm bending over too much.
I'm going to practice walking harder on the ground. Asserting that I am here. Leaving my footprint. I don't have time to waste.

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