Sept. 9, 2014

I can feel a shift taking place. I have no idea what's coming. Sunday I spoke at church. The musicians each contributed a piece they very much wanted to share and each performance was stunning. My talk went well. Two folks told me how much love they felt from the group coming to me. I hadn't recognized that but was gratified to hear it and then to have it confirmed.

My talk was about unconditional love--seeing as Source sees, not focusing on conditions. It was a good talk, I delivered it adequately, it was well received, and the meditation, accompanied by Brett on the piano, was fine. All in all, it felt like a success--a graduation and a wrapping up. I had talked myself out of getting nervous and withdrawing to assuage my Controller. Instead I enjoyed the people there.

I see now that my depression last Sat. (Sept. 6) was meds induced. With time passing, so do the side effects. I don't look forward to Friday nights and Sat. mornings but Sundays always come. Several folks have told me they can see I'm moving more easily. I've felt that and I'm glad it's noticeable. I will practice walking on flat ground today. Clients drift away and I have much free time.

And Elysa left a message about not coming today to clean. It seems that's over, too. She has gotten what she needs from me and may still come to meditation but that feels finished also. 

I feel minorly elated at the success at this level. I expect my walking to continue to improve but the hard work has been done. The meds will continue just as they are now.  All the ground work is laid.

I wonder what's next?

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