Over the years we grow and learn as we experience life. We adjust, we refine our attitudes, we try something new, we reconsider our options, noticing some we hadn’t previously acknowledged, and we keep going. Challenges bombard us. We re-evaluate our choices and our behavior and we decide anew. We live through crises and disappointments and surprises and losses and we keep going. We grow and we plunge into depths we hadn’t imagined. Life shocks us and, still, we persist.


Understandably, with this growth and openness we change in ways we couldn’t predict when we were 21 and new adults. We learn that Life is for expanding, not for just tolerating what is and always has been. No box holds us.


We learn that our intellects aren’t in charge. No matter what we said when we were 21, Life has opened possibilities to us. And we want to explore them. Sometimes we feel compelled to follow the inexplicable tugs that won’t let us be satisfied. We don’t choose this restlessness but we must honor it.


Somehow we know that our discontent is sacred. It emerges from a depth we haven’t known but we trust it. For if we don’t, we’re sure we’ll lose our soul. And that would be the greatest crime we could commit—foreclosing on the chance to be the individual we were born to be.


We watch and we notice and we observe Life working with us to heal and to grow and to express. We join in this divine dance and celebrate ourselves as we evolve. We are as surprised as everyone else. In some ways our Life is not our own but we wouldn’t change anything. We’ve discovered magic by allowing. The magic lives in our center and we allow it to emerge by listening and attending to the tugs and honoring our divine discontent. It’s how we heal and grow into ourselves with unimaginable depth and peace and joy.


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