Choose Your Past

We’ve all know the importance of practicing presence. Be right here, right now. Experience what it is to be you in this moment. We can do that. For maybe longer than a second. Maybe for four seconds. And then our brains jump to the past or to the future and they’re off.
I suggest that we create the past we wish we had lived. See the ever-loving, always attentive grandma you deserved. She bakes you cookies. She’s always ready to listen. You can’t disappoint her. She adores you no matter how you act.
Likewise, let’s create our chosen future. You are the goddess you’ve secretly suspected hides in your heart. You are emotionally generous, wisely forgiving, and patient. You love yourself and accept every part of who you are so there’s no problem accepting everyone else. And you’re gorgeous.
Practice those two vibrations — the loved and accepted child and the ideal adult. Choose your past and your future.
Really, we already do. We choose our past by replaying memories which reinforce a belief we cling to. (“It wasn’t fair. They victimized me. I hate them.”) Maybe the past happened, maybe it didn’t. But at this age, chances are that your “memories” are part art.
Your future evolves from your vibrational practice. What you believe today, you will see tomorrow. What do you want? See that, breathe that, know that to be true. It already is if you choose it vibrationally.
Our consciousness defines our experience. We can practice any vibratory frequency we choose. And we can change our vibrational practice any second. Just by paying attention. And choosing.


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