“I’ve had muscle pain in my back for over twenty years.

I’ve consulted doctors and tried pills but nothing works very well for very long. When I meditate with Ruth’s CD, I experience relief from the pain that I don’t get any other way.

In meditation, I can focus on the pain and I don't have to take any medication."  Don T.


"I suffered with migraine headaches daily for two years following a dural leak. Medications prescribed by neurologists produced "drug dementia." As a last resort, I began meditating with Ruth. The pain was gone for short periods following our initial sessions but the length of time free from pain increased with further meditation.

Once I could meditate on my own, at the onset of pain, I felt that I had control rather than the pain controlling me.

I have been headache free for over five years but continue to meditate regularly for general relaxation and well-being."   Linda W.


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