How do you imprison yourself?

We’d all like to say “Oh, no, I don’t do that.” But the truth is we do. We all do and usually we don’t know we’re limiting ourselves.

Do you ever think, “I can’t achieve that?” Or “I’ll never have what I want. It’s just not possible for me.” Or “Life’s not fair and I’ve been dealt a truly terrible hand.”

Excuses abound. It’s easier to point to something or someone outside us as the cause of our misery but it’ never NEVER the truth. Children are victims but if you are over the age of fourteen I want to know how you think and how you cut off your feelings and what you believe. We are our worst enemy.

What is your belief about receiving love or money or success or acclaim or friendship or justice?

What is your belief about your own worthiness? What about losing what you want?

What is your belief about trusting Life?

How do you hate yourself? Procrastination? Overdoing anything like eating, drinking, gambling, working, exercise, TV viewing, talking? What is your addiction?




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