Imagery Meditations
Read the following description. Then be comfortable and let your eyes close. Allow the imagery to play in your mind. Watch passively and alertly as your own wisdom guides you.
Your inbreath pulls your attention inside, deep into the center place in you. You breathe into that space and let go. Each inbreath carries you a little deeper in your center. On your outbreath you relax. You release tension, worry, fear, thinking. You breathe and you be and you stay present to the second.
Your breath carries you through your center and out. You walk through a meadow. Notice the colors in the meadow, the grass or rocks, the easiness or difficulty of your walk. Do you see flowers? clouds? birds? How does the air feel?
You walk across the field and walk up to a child’s train car. It is open on top with seats on two sides. The door opens and you walk in, taking a seat facing forward or backward. Which direction do you choose? The car moves although you don’t notice tracks and soon it leaves the ground. You sail as far up in the air as you’d like, maybe three feet, maybe into the clouds, maybe even higher.
You are carried and you trust and you enjoy. Think of someplace you’ve wanted to go but haven’t yet seen (or some place you’d like to return to). Time and space are not limitations. You can go anywhere at any time in the past or future.
You arrive and you know where you are. Sit for a minute. How does it feel being here? There is a gift waiting for you. Pay attention and notice what you are shown. Be still and listen and receive.



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