Just Forget It

If I could give you a gift, I would bestow upon you a touch of amnesia. There is something you need to forget. Whatever it is, you think about it too often. You never need to think about this particular incident again. It happened in the past and your memory is keeping it part of your present.

Maybe it didn’t even happen to you. Maybe it’s a group memory which is influencing your perceptions and expectations of the world. Maybe somebody else told you “how life is” and you accepted their interpretation. Let it go! That was their experience.

Your job is to have your own experience. It doesn’t have to be pleasant or easy or fun but it has to be yours. And then you have to integrate what you’ve learned without bitterness and have another experience. And every day be open to having another. Whatever crosses your path is an opportunity for you to learn something about yourself and life.

But you have to release your memories to have an experience in the present. Will you do that just for today?

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